Dahonies are two girls in Glasgow who love taking trips on Dahon Bikes. We have a Dahon Vitesse 7HG and a Dahon Speed D7. We hope that information about our experiences touring throughout Scotland and beyond will be interesting and useful to others.

Why do we choose to travel on folding bikes? This is a question posed to many other folding bike enthusiasts. While many choose folding bikes for long touring because of the ease of transport on trains and planes, we mainly love them ’cause they’re cute. Sure, we get lots of curious stares and kids yelling, “look at that funny wee bike!”, but at least it gets you noticed.


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  1. Love your site and the small-is-beautiful (no, “cute”) attitude. Apparently, I’m not the only one: http://www.foldingbiketravels.com/2013/01/the-dahonies.html .

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